Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blast from the (weird) past

An email I received today...

I found on the internet a note you posted about a tunnel from Puerto
Rico to Spain. (

You were requesting more information and you mentioned a lady from
Cabo Rojo had given you an article about it.

I live in western Puerto Rico and never heard of such tunnel. I
passed your link to a colleague from Cabo ROjo and he doesn't know
anything about it.

Do you have more details on this?

Just curious....Miguel

Miguel A. Pando, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Associate Professor, Geotechnical Group
Civil Engineering Department
University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Mayagüez, PR
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It's been very surprising to me how often folks get in touch with me about this... :)


  1. The text in question:

    We were in Puerto Rico recently on one of our frequent UFO phenomena research expeditions and picked up a news article from a lady there in Cabo Rojo and would like to know if anyone has more information or could refer us to reading material on this subject. The article was entitled "Scientists Discover Tunnel Through the Center of the Earth - 3.000 Mile Passage Runs From Spain to Puerto Rico" and here are some excerpts.

    Scientists have discovered an undersea tunnel between Puerto Rico and Spain which they believe connected the fabled continent of Atlantis with Europe 10,000 years ago. The 3,000 mile long tunnel begins on the west coast of Puerto Rico not far from the city of Mayaguez and emerges in the Pyrenees Mountains in northern Spain according to Wesley Blume who led a team through the tunnel this summer.

    The tunnel is about 30 yards wide and 20 yards high with walls as smooth as glass yet pliable as rubber says Blume. The walls radiate a greenish yellow light with no apparent power source. Most amazing though is that the air remains breathable and the pressure is constant even five miles below the surface. The tunnel is not a freak of nature. It was made by intelligent beings. The incredible engineering feat is beyond the skills of modern tunnel builders says Igor Borony the team engineering expert. It is also very, very old and could date back to at least 40,000 years ago he says. The material used to construct the tunnel walls is absolutely amazing. We have nothing that even comes close to it. It is incredibly strong yet capable of bending and twisting with the shifting of the earth's crust. A building made of such material would be able to withstand the strongest earthquake without the least damage. The seven members of this international team believe the tunnel may be a remnant of the legendary lost continent of a vast network of such tunnels connecting the areas of the planet. It is surmised that the vast distances in the tunnel were probably covered by high speed vehicles powered by electricity, nuclear energy, or sound.

    Borovy says the tunnel dips deep into the earth running under the ocean at depths of five to ten miles. Blume says the amazing tunnel leads from an underground cavern discovered by an unknown sugarcane cutter five years ago. Two years Blume led a small group into the cavern to explore the tunnels radiating from it. One of the tunnels led them two miles into the earth before they realized there was something special about it. Blume put together the current team last year to explore the tremendous tunnel more closely taking along a land rover and a huge supply of gasoline.

    Blume and the other members of the international team hope to study the tunnel in detail. They hope to raise enough money to study the tunnel in detail this Spring. There are other tunnels which we believe lead to other parts of the earth says Blume. The Cavern seems to have been a sort of Grand Central Station for Atlantis or whoever built the tunnels.

    If anyone out there can help refer us to more information on these tunnels we would appreciate it very much. We are taking a UFO expedition research group to Puerto Rico in January 1995 and while we are there will do some local research on the tunnels. We have room for other researchers if any of you are interested. Just E-mail us to discuss this opportunity.

  2. studying the google maps, i noticed a unusual formation that looks like a pipe decending from the virgin islands at norman caves it goes down and curves left and right, there is also a large square just below the long stretch of tunnel. what could this be?

  3. Sounds like a good idea for a science fiction movie or novel. I live in Cabo Rojo and seen some strange stuff in the skies back in the 90's but never heard about a tunnel. Maybe thats how the spaniards escaped back to spain when the americans came here,Lol.