Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post-quake Christchurch (The somewhat good)

One good sign was the number of cranes in the central business district, work is going on. Buildings being demolished, and hopefully others repaired, restored, and rebuilt.

On the weekends, you can follow the safety instructions and take a walking path (down the middle of the street past broken buildings) into the Cathedral Square. Was in Christchurch during the middle of the week, so that wasn't an option for me. But good to see some access to the city despite legalish and safety issues.

It wasn't exactly hopping, but there is a new "mall" build up of ISO standard shipping containers (which I happen to, as a true geek, like a lot). It looks pretty good, kind of edgy and surprisingly effective for small, specialty shops. I could picture a shopping mall of containers working in a US city as well. These were built in an older established shopping district whose previous buildings were destroyed by the quake.

No trams running any longer. The red containers in the middle (with windows) are a coffee shop.

And the World Buskers Festival will be back in 2012. I'll probably be back through Christchurch next year and hope to see big improvements.

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