Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friends and colleagues in Antarctica

A number of my friends and colleagues are also in Antarctica, both McMurdo and South Pole, and have interesting blogs to follow as well.

In McMurdo, working at the Long Duration Balloon facility (though judging from the blog entries, perhaps not working so hard...) is my old ballooning colleague Scott Nutter and his blog Astroparticle Physics in Antarctica. There's a lot of good information in there about recreation and around McMurdo Station. Good pictures too! Though let's not tell him that he hasn't actually been to Antarctica since Ross Island (where McMurdo is located) is off to sea from the actual continent of Antarctica. Okay, it depends on your definitions I suppose!

Although he left this season before I got here, John Jacobsen has an excellent website for his work and art, along with a blog of his South Pole trips from 2006 through 2011. Great photos and a number of posts that I wish I had made. :) Last year we overlapped a bit at the South Pole and then again in transit headed north through McMurdo.

Here at Pole right now is Laurel Bacque, the IceCube press liaison and general PR person (which I mean in a good way!) who keeps a blog called Chica en Uruguay (though obviously the Chica is en South Pole right now). Check out the excellent "South Pole Myths" and "How to use the women's restroom on an LC-130" in particular.

There's also some of the skiers headed to Pole posting on the Adventure Blog. Hope to see these folks soon.

For a different, darker and colder Antarctica, check out the Winter-Over blogs of Freija and Christine from this past winter season. More links can be found at the unofficial South Pole Station website.

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  1. It is hard to live in such cold weather. I love to read your article. I couldn't stay more than two days there. Once i have visited Antarctica and i till not forget those thrilling experience which i had enjoyed. -82.75 Celsius temperature when i have visited Antarctica first time.