Saturday, December 25, 2010

Actual work on the ARA experiment

Most of the posts here so far have been about the travel and about the station, rather than about the work we're doing. There are four of us here working on the ARA antennas & electronics at the moment: Peter Gorham, Bryan Hill, and Christian Miki, all from the University of Hawaii, and myself. Two other folks, Albrecht Karle and Jim Haugen, are working on logistics and support for the project. And there is a LARGE number of drillers working on the ARA hot water drill, some of them I know from Wisconsin, and some I've just met down here on the ice.

So far, we've installed a set of shallow antennas for the array, sealed up the electronics, gotten the cabling out to the site, and are ready for more holes (deeper ones) and antennas come Monday.

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