Saturday, December 18, 2010

A slight glimpse into the Christmas music charts

So, in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand (in fact, perhaps all around the Commonwealth) there is a tradition of popular bands producing special songs for the Christmas season. These are often ridiculous versions of classic Christmas songs, or even more absurd new songs. Was watching the television in my hotel room last night (as I don't have a TV at home, they do catch my attention...) and saw a number of strange music video sights. A few of them appear here...

- The Darkness, Christmas time (YouTube link)
- Billy Mack, Christmas is all around (YouTube link)
- Elton John, Step into Christmas (YouTube link)
- No Doubt, Oi to the world (YouTube link)
- Run DMC, Christmas in Hollis (YouTube link)
- The Killers, Don't shoot me Santa (YouTube link)

Okay, there's a real mix of sublime and ridiculous in there. We return to physics, Antarctica, and travel soon...

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