Friday, December 17, 2010

What does one take to Antarctica?

Well, there are online instructions for what to bring, and you can check the weather online to verify that the clothes you have are warm enough, but here's what I took with me:

- one small bag not to be opened until I get to Pole
- with thermal underwear, wool socks, and some general purpose clothes
- good pair of ski gloves and a thinner pair of gloves
- polypro sock liners (really nice!)
- dress up clothes for Christmas (relatively formal meal) and New Years (costume party)
- one large bag with clothes for Christchurch (it's summer here, and record high temperatures today, about 85F) and some additional clothes I may take to the Pole if I have room

Then I'll get issued to me a big coat, Carhartt insulated overalls, and some hats and gloves.

Plus I take a small backpack with some important items, my laptop, camera, notebooks, passport (there's a good story in there...maybe later), books to read, and one change of clothes in case my checked bags disappear into the morass of airline baggage handing (MANY stories in there).

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  1. Oh yeah, and the US Antarctic Program baggage tags are supposed to be required. They're a different color each year, so I have a bit of a collection of them back home.