Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IceCube flags

The IceCube project installed a very nice set of flags over the IceCube strings to help folks visualize the experiment in celebration of the completion of construction. Orange flags for regular IceCube strings of detectors, and red ones for the denser "deep core" strings. Here you seen one string in the foreground (with some small flags on bamboo poles which are used widely in Antarctica to flag almost anything, black flags mean "stay out" and the others are interchangeable (at least at Pole, McMurdo has some rules for their use)) and two heading away in line into the background.

IceCube hole marker, with the IceCube laboratory in the background. Note the outhouse to the left of the picture. I'll leave that to your imagination as to proper function in the cold. (There's no running water in the IceCube Lab (ICL).)

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