Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some machinery of the Pole

One of my colleagues down on the ice is making a picture book of all of the heavy machinery for her three year old nephew. There is some mighty fun heavy metal driving around the Pole. At times it looks like some combination advertisement for Caterpillar tractors and for Carhartt overalls. I think the insulated Carhartts are the iconic Antarctic clothing item now, even more so than the big red (Canada Goose) parka. Anyway...digressions aside, let's take a five image look at some equipment (more soon)...

Some of the smaller Cats at rest.

The hose reel from the RAM drill, mounted on an aircraft pallet so that it can make it through the door of a Herc.

One of the South Pole's two Mantis cranes. Near the cargo lines.

Tracks in the snow, left by one of my favorite machines...

...the Pisten Bully (from the German word Piste, nothing to do with pistons). Am probably biased since I got to drive it around a whole lot and didn't drive the Cats...

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