Monday, January 17, 2011

Last full day at the South Pole

Am doing laundry (we're allowed one load per week, cold only), took a shower (twice per week, two minutes per shower, warm water allowed), am cleaning my room, packing my stuff, and seeing if there's any last minute work to be done. This evening I'll leave my checked bags by the entrance of the station and they'll get taken and palletized. I'll have my ECW gear to wear on the flight (that's required in case of emergency) and a carry-on bag. If the flight is delayed (even for days) all I'll have is my carry-on bag, so it needs to be well stocked but reasonably light. Tomorrow then I should land in McMurdo, and then the following day in Christchurch. If the flights go as planned I'll get two nights rest in Christchurch and then fly to Auckland, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Minneapolis in close order.

Will keep posting South Pole stories and photos as I head north. Have quite a backlog of them...

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